How to Call Forth Your Own Interior Approach: Music Makes for Style

Interior design is an art form that transcends mere aesthetics. It's a reflection of one's personality, history, and culture, creating spaces that resonate with the soul.

To truly bring your essence into your space you can find inspiration in the world of music, allowing it to shape your style and influence your design decisions.One of my earliest jobs was at a legendary record label out of Macon, Georgia. This was a dream come true to be a part of the process of making and recording music. I grew up listening to 60’s and 70’s rock and roll and I’ve never looked back. Music is a part of my creative DNA and if you can harness its inspirational power, it can elevate everything you do or create. First off music evokes emotion, and every design can capture a mood or feeling in the same way that music does. Music transports us to different times and places.



Whether it's the soothing melodies of folk, the rhythmic beat of pop, or the energetic pulse of rock and roll, music is a powerful muse for interior design.

It has shaped my entire ethos and I am not only listening to music while I design, but I am also thinking about what music a project calls for.

When it comes to my interior approach, music can translate into colors, textures, and patterns. For example, when my team and I were creating our first album collection I couldn’t stop listening to Moby’s extreme ways. We decided to have this song inspire the entire interior world. The deep electronic beat made me think of sundrenched desert landscapes and cool metal surfaces. We decided to incorporate a beautiful stainless steel wall treatment and bring in earthy elements and modernist woven chairs. The idea was to use the energy of the song and bring it to life. The techno synth composition translated to minimalist furniture forms and semi-cooler lighting and metallics.

Just as music harmonizes notes to create a beautiful composition, interior design harmonizes furniture and décor to create a harmonious space.

Your musical tastes can guide you in selecting pieces that resonate with your style and preferences. For lovers of rock and roll, the interior can reflect the rebellious spirit and edgy aesthetic of this genre. Leather sofas, vintage accents, and bold, graphic artwork create a space that's as free-spirited as a live show.

Also incorporating sound elements like high-quality speakers, acoustic paneling, or a vintage record player into your interiors serve as aesthetic focal points. You can even create a dedicated listening corner adorned with your favorite albums, making music an integral part of your home.

Another recent project that has musical integrity is a home I designed on Sullivans Island. I framed out the entry way with checkered marble, and mushroom board wood and added deep lavender to the doors. The aesthetic instantly became earthy and glamours drawing on a sense of classic rock edge and folk cool. We finished the project off with an Alligator painting by artist David Boatwright. When you walk into the home you feel a sense of musicality concentrating that same energy which comes when you put on a classic album.

Art and music have always been intertwined, with paintings often serving as a canvas for musical expression.

In this project Boatwrights vibrant colors and bold portrait brought vitality and imagination. Consider adorning your interiors with art pieces inspired by musical legends. We use album covers every day in our creative process, these artworks define the essence of a musician and can serve as incredible inspiration for color pallets and overall vibe.

Music has the power to enrich your interior design journey by providing inspiration, setting moods, colors and materials, infusing spaces with a core foundational essence. Your favorite melodies and genres can guide your furniture choices and decorative accents, allowing you to craft a space that truly reflects your personality and passions. Just as musical composition blend notes and rhythms to create a harmonious melody, interior design harmonizes colors, textures, and furnishings to create an empowered living environment.

So, let your favorite tunes be the muse for your next design project, and watch as your spaces come alive with the rhythms of your soul.
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